Serdaneli -The haute couture of bathroom fittings

Apparent opulence, in fact, just elegance and design. For those after an exquisite level of details and craftsmanship we introduce you Serdaneli.

L’art and la matiere for bathrooms, accessories and architectural hardware. “It implements for over 30 years expertise that appeals to the great tradition of French craftsmen for products of great luxury.’ Not just luxury, I would add, top of the list one. First encounter: Cannes, 4 years ago. Most recent one: Decorex last autumn. Always breathtaking. More than just perfect. A poem to your bathrooms. Enjoy and find out more at:

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  • monique waeger
    February 3, 2015

    S V P ,puis je avoir des détails sur ce magnifique lavabo doré ,livrez vous à genève merci d’avance

    Mme Waeger

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