What they didn’t teach you in design school? Part III

GOOD DESIGN PRACTICE: “Branding is not a logo. It’s a system” Leland Maschmeyer

“If a mark is not strong in black and white, it is also not going to work well in a newspaper or with cheap photocopying. A visual identity has to work brilliantly at the lowest common denominator.

“Remove the headphones and unplug the computer.True inspiration comes from life. Real life. Not some pixelated version of it. And remember, it takes interesting people to produce interesting work” Sir John Hegarty

“The solution to a design problem lies in a clear understanding of the problem.” Mervyn Kurlansky
“Simplicity avoids vainness” Eichi Kono

“If you trust instincts, your first approach can be the best” Julia Hasting

“If you’re not having fun, you’re not designing properly” Phil Clemens

“Nothing will prepare you more for your career in design than your first year in it”. Elisabeth Rogers

“The best design ideas come from own personal experiences and the knowledge we gain from them.” Joel Tedford

“Ideas come from what you see, from what you hear and from what you feel. The greater the input, the greater the output”. Sid Madge

“Give the overnight test. If it still looks good in the morning, go with it.” James von Leyden

“Carved into a piece of stone were the immortal words: Mistakes are your best ideas” Dr Phil Shaw

“Have fun and be yourself. Madness is key to inspire your imagination. “Yi Hsuan Huang

Extract from What they didn’t teach you in design school by Phil Cleaver, Ilex Publishing House, Sussex, 2014

About the author: Prof. Phil is a multi-award winning designer, who sees things differently. He honed his design and typographic skills under Alan Fletcher at Pentagram in 1977. A decade later he established Cleaver Landor and has been the creative force behind a wide range of large brands/corporate identities and a phenomenal number of award winning book designs. Currently he runs his own globally successful design agency and finds the time to be professor in the Creative Industries un the School of Art and Design at Middlesex University, London.

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