How Designers Think – The design process demystified by Brian Lawson

Gravity-Balans chair by Varier

” Thus is the case that good design is usually an integrated response to a whole series of issues. If there was one single characteristic which could be used to identify good designers it is the ability to integrate and combine. A piece of good design is rather like a hologram, the whole picture is in each fragment.” Bryan Lawson

“Behind any building of distinction is an equally distinctive client, not necessarily high profile, but one who takes the time and trouble to comprehend the ideas of the architect, is supportive and enthusiastic, who is bold, willing to take risks and above all can hold his or her nerve during the inevitable crises”. Brian Lawson

“Everything that is absorbed and registered in your mind adds to the collection of ideas stored in the memory: a sort of library that you can consult wether a problem arrises. So, essentially the more you have seen, experienced and absorbed, the more points of reference you will have to help you decide which direction to take – your frame of reference expands.Herman Hertzerberger, Lessons for Students in Architecture

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