The Contemporary Aesthetics of Asian Design, Triennale, 2016

Elegantly suspended bells by Nousaku Corporation, graciously moved by using a fan or an incredible soft sound coming out of the Ginga, signed by Yamaguchi Kyujo Co, when gently touched by the museum assistant, all made an amazing impression on me. A complete sensorial experience, both olphactiv and auditive one, not to mention visually.

The level the finishings and details of the objects on display was exquisite. This is how I can sum up the brief encounter with the exhibition put together at the  Triennale, where goods manufactured in  Tokoyama region of Japan, were displayed for the delight and amazement of the curious european eye. A range of objects,  like the Buddhist ritual implements, bronze statues or other tableware or stationary were presented as testimony of the simple sophistication of japanese artisans. Perfect shapes, lines and forms. Refined instruments of everyday life. Known as “Kindgdom of Manufacturing” Tokoyama Prefecture is famous for glassware, tableware, paper, wood carvings, machinery and electronics or aluminium industries.So next time when there, do spare a visit.

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