Bagni Nuovi, Bormio – wellbeing and natural beauty to the most

In some ways, ancient thermae resembled modern-day spas. The Romans raised bathing to a high art as they socialized in these communal baths. Courtship was conducted, as well as sealing business deals, as they built lavish baths on natural hot springs. Such was the importance of baths to Romans that a catalogue of buildings in Rome from 354 AD documented 952 baths of varying sizes in the city.

Although wealthy Romans might set up a bath in their town houses or in their country villas, heating a series of rooms or even a separate building especially for this purpose, and soldiers might have a bathhouse provided at their fort (as at Chesters on Hadrian’s Wall, or at Bearsden fort), they still often frequented the numerous public bathhouses in the cities and towns throughout the empire.

As opposed to Bagni Vechi, Bagni Nuovi offers an example of perfect blending between the beautiful natural scenery and modern up to date spa facilities, all in the unique Italian relaxed design style. A way of inserting spa areas within the natural setting that is utmost discreet, calming and embracing wellbeing at every corner. Not too much noise, not too much isolation, not too much commotion. All in complete harmony with the breathtaking surrounding Alps. An elegant 5 star hotel setts the scene for the theme area, situated above Bormio, in an area worthy of the magnificent Stelio National Park. I was very pleased by my visit and the services provided and warmly advice it as a perfect day choice for when in the area. Hope my photo selection will convince you. Embrace life and enjoy it!

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