Organismi – From Emile Galle s Art Nouveau to Bioarchitecture

Gam Torino Exhibition, Novembre 2016

The idea behind the show, to connect these two periods, underlying the analogies and the differences, no matter how hazardous and tempting it may look at first, it is based on the necessity of providing an historic perspective on the current acknowledgement of a ecological and ambiental crisis, with the intention of treating it with major attention, and not repeating the errors of the past.

The first moment of the exhibition is dedicated to Emile Galle, whose superb vases, furniture pieces and workshop facsimiles are on display. His conviction was that “life is synonim with intense perfection in the sense of organic beauty”.

From here, the quest for renewing the decorating style that refused the eclectic taste of the 18th century by taking as only source of inspiration nature and its infinite variety of models. He invented the verb” to vegetalise” in order to show life through an invention of forms that have to be structurally vital and not superficially ornamentally. His artistic inspiration has never been separated from the passion for the study of the botanics. The 2016 exhibition, wants to pay an homage to Galle and to offer the posterity an intro to his love and respect for the profound intelligence that the vegetal, insect, vegetal or marine word proof every day, despite the human intervention that debalances its aesthetics and the ecosystems. Galle s merit resides not in replicating in a mimetic manner the forms of the nature, but in the attempt to learn to create new ones, starting from the biological knowledge/resources: “Our roots are in the depth of our forests, between the moos, all around the springs.” More on our next post on Galle itself.

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