Casa Fenoglio La Fleur – Torino

Built  in 1900, it stays as the best example of Liberty in Italia. Showing clear French and Belgian influences, it was done before the Torino Decorative Art Exhibition of 1902 as as example of the innovative style of the piemontese architects. It was a “home-studio” which favoured freedom of expression for creative talent. The building was designed to be an aesthetic model of the new style, during the age of Stile Liberty in Turin.

After it was built in the 1900s, Pietro Fenoglio and his family left the house. They sold it to a French businessman named Lafleur, who lived there until his death. After Lafleur, the heirs left the whole house to La Benefica, an important orphanage and charity association in Turin. It was saved from bombing in the second world war. The building suffered years of decline but in the 1990s was sold to private clients who restored it carefully, giving back the original splendour. At the moment the building is partially appointed to private residence and offices.

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