Art Nouveau interiors at Nancy

Musee L Ecole de Nancy – displays a breathtaking an Art Nouveau collection comprising  art by Prouve, stained glass windows by Gruber, Galle vases, furniture by Majorelle, Galle, Emile Andre, Gauthier and many others. Initially,in 1894, 17 pieces were purchased with the intention of being put in the Decorative Arts Museum of Nancy, but in  1935 Eugene Corbin, donates to  the city of Nancy his collection of 759 pieces of art works, ceramics, furniture, graphics, paintings.

Himself was an heir of Magazine Reins, an emblematic Art Nouveau shop I Nancy at the time. An art supporter all his life, he had an active role in promoting it, both by  putting together his own collection but also by organising temporary exhibitions or by the creation of the  Art and Industry publication in 1909. The moment in which donation takes place, in 1930,  was one in which the interest for Art Nouveau was not at its peak. So it constitutes an act of honour and defending  the majestic glory of the style. In 1999, on the occasion of “At Nouveau year” the Museum L Ecole de Nancy undergoes another notable renovation, along with  the Majorelle Villa, and they both continue to stand as impeccable examples of the Art Nouveau desire of renovating and modernising every aspect of life. An inspiration for better living!

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