Great artisan works at Grand Kursall San Pellegrino

The splendour of the Casino building was acheived by putting together a group of elite artisans of the time, acheiving an edifice of high complexity and refinement. The joiner and ebanist Eugenio Quarti created the magnificient furniture and panelling. Unfortunately many of the pieces that excited the admiration of the visitors at the time, have been removed but the detailed ceilings, carved doors, moulded frescos and paintings are still in place to delight our eyes. The artorelief panels and the stucco works within the magnificient interior staircase were created by Tomasso Bernasconi, while the painter Francesco Malerba composed the twelve splendid paintings depicting the months of the year and their respective zodiacal references. The big allegorique statues in the main hall are the work of the sculptor Vedani. The stained glass windows are the works of Beltrami and Buffa while the main central skylight and great lighting fixtures were signed by Allesandro Mazzucotelli . Mazzucotelli was also the designer of the magnificient lampshades in cast iron on the exterior at the main entrance. Eight magnificent columns in red marble are ornating the main hallway while the terazzo venetiano on the floors and stained glass windows continue the grandiose theme of the building. The main staircase is a recollection of other buildings from which the architect was inspired, such as the Garnier Opera in Paris and also the Monte Carlo Casino. Whilst erotisme and the celebration of life are the main themes depicted in the decorations, there are other symbols used throughout its interiors such as the butterfly, nymphs, Neptune, the zodiac signs, and human virtues.

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