Starting from a legal background I developed an interest towards PR as a more creative means of communication. This led to a deeper appreciation of design through graphic media and has provided a structural background to my current interior design activities. Interior design has always been a personal interest and a creative outlet. After graduating KLC Design School in London I have developed a deeper understanding of the research and analysis requirements for a holistic approach to creating interior spaces.

Having traveled fairly extensively during the last few years I have been able to experience designs from many different areas and this has influenced my appreciation of style. Things I believe in: education, creativity and lifestyle. If you are after an alternative way of understanding the spaces you live and work in, I can develop environments that can enhance your well-being and productivity. Things that I extremely like: travelling, Art Nouveau, Jazz, Bossa Nova, Morgan cars, nice mansions, nice people, the sea, prosecco & foie gras. Recent favourite author: Malcolm Gladwell.

Locations:  Lombardy Italy,  South of France,  Bucharest Romania.